The Project Assassin's Guide
... now available as a booklet!


With such high rates of project failure, it seems logical to conclude that not everyone involved in projects has their survival as their highest priority

An invention of Dr Charles Willbe, the Project Assassin personifies that malevolence that seems to permeate many projects and cause their failure.

To provide the necessary professional underpinning for this nefarious trade, the Project Assassin's Guide has been produced. Its contents have been delivered in both presentation and seminar formats to various audiences and there are plans for it to appear in print if demand permits.

Although light-hearted in its approach, important lessons can be learned from the Project Assassin.

The Project Assassin has first sighted in the November 2004 edition of PM Today PM Today commenting on "Invisible Men of Project Management" but has since returned to its pages in April 2005, May 2005 and July 2005.

The Project Assassin can be found in Features on the Project Doctors website ...